Yellow Brick Road

Trey Flynn


Holden and Parker's Dad

Trey is a board certified criminal attorney and partner at Nejame Law in Orlando, Florida. When Holden lost his battle with CHD, he chose to turn a very difficult situation into one that would help others understand the fight that Holden was forced to face. 

Trey's parents, Jeanne and Joseph Flynn, play a vital role in the organization through their work on the board of directors and constant volunteer work. 


Nicole Flynn

Vice President

Holden and Parker's Mom

Nicole Flynn works with a child psychology firm in Orlando, Florida. She founded YBR with Trey, and is passionately committed to its mission to support CHD families.  

Nicole's parents, Andy and Evelyn Leffler also form part of YBR's board of directors, and provide invaluable support through their work their, and volunteer hours.


Sara Gonzalez




Juan Gonzalez


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